Photo Gallery

This is a small collection of some of our favorite photos from painting projects and experiences. Enjoy...

Dr. Office. Love the Color Pallet. 

Green House Dome. How lucky to paint this!

Fresh Coat just to breath a little more life in this pump house.

The nail was just what this photo needed. 

Facing the sun to dry. 
Color Wheel. Heavy Contrast brings it to life. 

Snow Paint. Cheapest paint available... melts though.

Another Dr. Office.

Monochromatic color palette. 

Faux Finish Clock. Shinny Old Bronze.
13 Step Process.

The metal shed in back was left with rusted finish. 
Color chosen with great care to work with 70's trim. 

Even a beige can be tasteful if professionally painted.

Beetle Kill Pine Coat Rack. All reclaimed lumber. 
Razor sharp free form cut lines. Yeah we do that.

3000 Sq Ft Ranch. 30 Plus doors windows inside.
Hand painted around every window and door.
Three Colors all converging for attention.
Planter Boxes made from reclaimed pallets.
Sealed with exterior wood sealer. 

Sherwin William Color: Relaxed Khaki! 

Every side of this house had a gable!

Love these colors!!
Modern green look breathed life into this house. 
Hate, Hate, Hate popcorn.
 But this picture makes it look cool. 

You should have seen the inside!
Wish the interior pictures were not missing :(

Completely Free Hand Squiggle Wall Art. 

Railing Painted by hand. Lesson learned...
Always spray railings.

Bet you never seen that before.
Really hard to capture this image. 

Kwal paint is the worst. It paints like glue
and smells like cat pee. Gross!

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