Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Story: How to tell time. Wine Glass and Coffe Mug Holder Sign. Hand Painted

How to Tell Time
The Khaki Pant Painting company has certainly become something very different over the years...

After changing and morphing over the years into a personalized home d├ęcor company (Denver Sign Design) the painting roots and the skills acquired while house painting have been applied in a very unique way. The professional coating expertise is now applied with these pieces of art.

A new store on Etsy was created to house all of the unique pieces created. Denver Sign Design was born.

One of the pieces that has pride behind it is: How to Tell Time. This piece combines: 3d Printed Parts, Wood, CNC milling techniques not utilized before, and a little humor.

Beautiful Natural Granite Backdrop
3d Printing, CNC milling, an 11k sq ft wood shop, and a crap ton of hard work have come together to continue the crafting for homes. Home means so much to so many and we want to be a part of peoples lives.
Something Special
Our wood shop facility is massive. There are other skilled craftsman there that have helped offer years of their expertise. This expertise has helped us craft some amazing pieces of art. We hope to have success in this new venture. Wish us luck as we struggle to success.

Will we ever stop creating and crafting... never.

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