Thursday, October 4, 2012

Rustoleum Cabinet Transformations: Furniture

Rustoleum Cabinet Transformations used to paint a piece of furniture.

Rustoleum Cabinet Transformation Kit Used on Furniture
(Guest Khaki Pant Painter Submitted Photo)
The Rustoleum Cabinet Transformation Kit works just as good for cabinets as it does for furniture. I had an extra kit and gave it to a friend of mine under one condition... They must send me their photos when they are done with whatever project they choose. I was overly curious how they would do. I gave them zero guidance or hints and they followed all the directions on that the kit comes with.

For not knowing how to do this or have any tips or tricks to help them complete this project I'd say that they did pretty good. There are any shots of the peices before the Rustoleum kit was used but you can get the idea of what it looked like from some of the photos of them sanding everything.

I'd like to point out that sanding is not really necessary when using the Rustoleum Cabinet Transformation Kit and it never hurts. When in doubt a light scuff sanding will do wonders. The paint will adhere to the old paint surface much better. To make life easier load a quarter sheet sander with 3M "red" scuffing pads. The scuff pads will conform to uneven surfaces and speeds up the prep work.

Good Job on the Furniture!


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