Saturday, September 8, 2012

Faux Technique: Old Shiny Bronze

Faux: A french word meaning false. To create the illusion of something else.

I decided to faux an old clock/door chime for a friend just to see what I could come up with. The peice to be fauxed was a built in door chime with brass accents and gold inlay in the face of the clock. The mechanism for the door chimes was screwed to the wall and the face of the clock just hung on the mechanism. The door bell chimed a tune by striking brass tubes with hammers that are magnetically controlled by a solenoid. After inspecting the clock it had too much potential to simple just toss and replace to update the look.

The cover of the clock was plastic. It had a wood grain pattern embossed in it and was faded and old looking. It was not very appealing and tired looking. Since this was a permanent piece on the wall it had to go with the overall decor of the house. So the thought of fauxing it into a something that looked like a rock, or granite, or something bizarre was out of the question. It was front and center of the main entrance. Because the gold/brass inlays could not be changed I decided to keep the clock's original dark color's but do something else with the overall look.

I came to the conclusion that the cover needed to look like an old piece of bronze. Sort of. But also that the piece needed to be really shinny to complement the glass clock face and brass chimes. It took a crap ton of steps to complete such a simple look. If I had to approach this again I would have definatley taken a different approach.

Below are the photo steps to complete this project. Next time I am going to do something more interesting and dramatic. Also photos just don't do justice to this fauxed door chime. It looks much better in person.

Steps for old looking bronze:

  1. Find something to faux. 
  2. Pick out your color scheme or theme. 
  3. Disassemble and protect surfaces that are not going to be painted.
  4. Wipe the piece down with alcohol using a scrubby sponge. 
  5. Apply base paint color. 
  6. Let surface dry. 
  7. Lightly cover surface with bronze color just enough so that base color is still visible. 
  8. Let surface dry.
  9. Wipe a thinned out paint over the surface to create streaked look. 
  10. Let surface dry.
  11. Apply a crap ton of coats of clear sealer. Almost any sealer will work. 
  12. Reassemble your piece and be wowed. If you like this kind of stuff. 

Tired Looking Door Chime. 


Whip it down with alcohol.

The alcohol will etch the surface. 

Pick your colors. 

Base Coat. 

Another top coat is applied and surface is glazed. 

Glazing up close.

I like shiny. 

Random shot.

Painter triangles are a must for these projects.

"Three can shin." I could almost shave with this thing. 

Ah... Beautiful!

So there you have it. If you want an old looking peice of shiny bronze just follow the above steps. Happy Painting!


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