Friday, March 30, 2012

Minwax Express Color Wiping Stain Comment

After cruising the Minwax website trying to find expert tips and advice on their products a startling discover has been made...

Bruce Johnson (author, craftsman and spokes person of Min wax) may have left a comment on this website. 

Minwax has a  short bio on this craftsman. He has published more than a dozen books including: Fifty Simple Ways to Save Your House, The Wood Finisher, The Weekend Re finisher, and The Official Identification and Price Guide to the Arts and more. Bruce is a journalist and a crafts man. So it would make sense that he could have left a comment. He also is the founder and director of an art conference and has also been on HGTV. He sounds like a seasoned pro.

There is a chance that this could not be Bruce Johnson of Minwax. Understandably there are probably hundreds of Johnson, Bruce in the phone book. It just would seem odd that someone of this name commented on a Minwax product with fairly expert knowledge of this field. 

Here is the link of the original post with the comment:

Here is the supporting information below so you can your own judge:

Could this be Bruce Johnson of Minwax?

What do you think? Is this really Minwax's Bruce Johnson?


  1. Given the above evidence this must be Minwax's Bruce Johnson.

  2. A very stylistic way of writing, creating effects especially in language and literature.
    Bob Smith


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