Friday, March 30, 2012

Minwax Express Color Wiping Stain Comment

After cruising the Minwax website trying to find expert tips and advice on their products a startling discover has been made...

Bruce Johnson (author, craftsman and spokes person of Min wax) may have left a comment on this website. 

Minwax has a  short bio on this craftsman. He has published more than a dozen books including: Fifty Simple Ways to Save Your House, The Wood Finisher, The Weekend Re finisher, and The Official Identification and Price Guide to the Arts and more. Bruce is a journalist and a crafts man. So it would make sense that he could have left a comment. He also is the founder and director of an art conference and has also been on HGTV. He sounds like a seasoned pro.

There is a chance that this could not be Bruce Johnson of Minwax. Understandably there are probably hundreds of Johnson, Bruce in the phone book. It just would seem odd that someone of this name commented on a Minwax product with fairly expert knowledge of this field. 

Here is the link of the original post with the comment:

Here is the supporting information below so you can your own judge:

Could this be Bruce Johnson of Minwax?

What do you think? Is this really Minwax's Bruce Johnson?
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Thursday, March 29, 2012

Updated photo gallery!

We just updated our photo gallery.

Check out some of the cool photos that we have gathered along the way.

Infinitely Khaki!

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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Sherwin Williams Super Show at the Ranch 2012

Sherwin Williams Super Show

This was a great show. Rather than attending the larger show in Denver the decision was made to check out a smaller venue in northern Colorado. This show was held at the Ranch in Loveland. For being a smaller
venue it was actually a good turn out. To keep everyone fed Sherwin Williams provides food and drinks for hungry painters.

When you walk in you are greeted and entered into a drawing for prizes and given a bag to collect brochures and it also comes with a Sherwin Williams shirt. Pretty Sweet Bonus! There were also key note speakers there giving speeches about economic growth and other paint industry related topics. There are plenty of things to keep you entertained the entire day if you wanted to.

There was an impressive amount of new products at the show. Of these products one of them to stand out was a Pro Grade Sandpaper from 3m. This sandpaper has a a none slip back so that when folded over on itself it will not slip and allow for better control.

Overall this was a great show and looking forward to next years shows.
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Monday, March 26, 2012

DIY Rhino Epoxy Floor Coating Kit

Rhino Liner has entered the DIY garage floor coatings arena. Rustoleum Epoxy Shield now has a little competition.

Rhino Linings offers a whole lot more than just truck bed coatings and they are entering the DIY market.
Rhino Linings has set out to develop the highest quality of high performance coatings based in polyurea, polyurethane, and epoxies. There actually have five "divisions" of their coatings:

  1. Vehicle Protection. (bed liners)
  2. Industrial. (polyurethane, poly urea, and polyaspartic)
  3. Epoxy. (any two part mix)
  4. Concrete Solutions. (stamping, flaking, trowel top, tuff grit... etc
  5. Military. (fuel containment systems)
Rustoleum is more of a do it your self kind of company and they don't really focus in commercial coating like Rhino. A company, like Rhino, that primarily focuses on industrial coatings could probably put out a better product since they are more influenced by creating chemicals that have to hold up to extremes. Its hard to analyze the exact chemical difference so we can take a look at the box contents and features to see if one logically stands out as a superior product. 

This system sounds similar to Rustoleum's Garage Epoxy System. The box contents are very similar too:

Rustoleum Shield
 Box Contents

DIY Rhino Epoxy Floor Coating
 Kit Box Contents

1 Gallon of Paint
½ Gallon Resin
1 Quart Activator
½ Gallon Hardener
Color Chips
Color Chips
Concentrated Floor Cleaner 
Citric Acid Concentrate
Stir Stick
Stir Stick
Detailed Instructions and DVD
Detailed Instructions and
MSDS Information

Both Products are very similar in features too:

Indoor Use Only
Protection from Grease, and Oil
Two Part Water Based Epoxy
One Coat
Protection from Hot Tire Pick Up
250 Sq Ft
250 Sq Ft
Colors Available
(tint base)
Sheen of Finish
Where to Buy?
Any Home Improvement Center
Currently Internet Only:
Amazon, Ebay, or Buy Rhino .com

The choice is hard to make because the products are so similar. Currently the Rustoleum product stands out as the winner because of its availability to buy it. Rustoleum's products can be bought in any major retail store. Its also tintable in 30 colors whereas the Rhino product is only available in three. 

Maybe when it comes down to it it might be a choice of saying the following when asked about your sweet looking garage floor:

"Yup, its Rhino Lined!" 
(That sounds cool)

"I used Rustoleum Epoxy Sheild."
(Not so cool sounding?)

What do you think? Which would you rather buy?

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Sunday, March 11, 2012

Riverton Wyoming: Known for Best Brushes Ever!

Hands down without any agrument the best paint brushes in the world are made from a company called Pro Form Technologies in Riverton Wyoming. You would not in a million years expect that a company that manufacturer professional painting brushes is based in Wyoming. 

Here is their contact information:

315 Railroad Avenue 
Riverton, WY 82501
Ph: 307.857.6643
Fax: 307.857.7050

Here is what they are good at:

  • Producing quality and not cutting corners on inferior materials. (Pardon the Pun)
  • Making some of the most comfortable brushes on the market. All of there handles are extremely comfortable! They even make ergonomic brushes. 
  • Making the Picasso! (click on Picasso to learn more) This is by far the best detail brush ever! You have to read the article on this site to truly appreciate this brush.
  • ACID TIPPED BRISTLES. Yes its in caps! Get your hands on an acid tipped brush and you will never go back. 
  • Standing behind their product. They have a small hands on business feel. Send the company an email and you will probably get an email back from the president. We did. But please don't try it just to try it. They need to focus on making brushes. 
One of the reasons that they may still have that home town feel is because the company is located in a county of only 10K people. These folks still take pride in their work! Here is whats even more surprising... this town just got its first Sherwin Williams store. The store will be open normal hours and is about 6k sq ft. This Sherwin Williams has a typical layout with wall coverings, sundries, paint and other typical paint products. 

So in the past if you lived in Riverton you needed to buy professional rated paint you had to drive to Casper WY. Most of you may not know where Casper is but its trek for paint. It is just mind blowing hat the employees at Pro Form Technologies didn't even have a paint store and still produce some of the best paint brushes you have ever used in your life. Its almost like they were born to do what they do best... make the best paint brushes money can buy!

Thank you for your commitment to quality and keep up the great work!
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