Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Latex vs Oil Based Paints

Latex Paint

Latex is the most popular of all of the types of house paints and is significantly easier than oil based paints because it cleans up quicker and is easier to use for most home owners. Latex paint is not flammable, has far
less odor and smell than its counterparts, and the color retention of latex if far superior to latex paint. Latex paints are mostly composed of acrylic resins. Most latex paints are composed of 100 % acrylic resins.

The main difference between lower quality and higher quality latex paints are based on the binders. Low quality paints will contain 100% vinyl resins as a binding agent where as 100% acrylic resins are found in high quality latex paints. "Top Shelf" paint will have superior adhesion to wood, metal, brick, siding, concrete, aluminum and vinyl siding, drywall and a wide variety of surfaces. When is comes to the resistance of fading and cracking latex paints come out on top. 

 Oil Based Paints

Once the standard in house painting oil based paints, aka alkyd paints, rained supreme but have been replaced by their easier latex counterparts. Oil based paints did not stand a chance against the easier to clean, lower odor, easy water clean up feature. Home owners found it more convenient to use water, and more environmentally friendly, than using paint thinner for cleaning up rollers, pans, and brushes. Unlike Latex paint oil can not top coat latex where as latex can top coat oil. This makes it an ideal choose for most painting projects because the previous coat's chemical make up is not always known. One of the biggest drawbacks of oil based paints is that they will yellow as they age and loose the ability to retain there color.


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