Friday, December 9, 2011

Do Not Paint Like This!

This is the most frightening How To video that has ever been posted on you tube.

The information in this video is completely incorrect, wrong, and just plain dangerous. This video is a prime example of what can happen if you hire the wrong or under qualified contractor. If you listen to and act on anything this person is telling you are in for some seriously huge problems down the road. We are hoping that this video is possible a gag or a joke and if it is the author needs to state that?  And please read the comments below this video.

             -THIS IS NOT OUR WORK-

There are a number of issues with this video:
  1. No Mask or Respirator! Why would you ever spay any type of material into the air with out protecting your lungs? Your body will absorb the chemicals in paint through your lungs. 
  2. The cabinets, lights, vents, carpet, everything is exposed and could be damaged irreversibly by paint over spray. 
  3. This video is a great example of the proper method of "tiger stripping" your walls. This "painter" (painter is in quotes because there is no evidence of the skill necessary for that label) is not overlapping his spray correctly and also may have a blown tip.  
  4. Do not ever paint your outlets. This is a huge fire hazard!!!
  5. Do not cut out your carpet if you drip, splatter or in this case spray your carpet.
This guy, who does this for a living, needs to take this video down. Please do not believe everything on the internet. 


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