Thursday, December 29, 2011

Defining Color: What Is Color?

You may not put much thought to color in your day to day life. But the way you perceive color is how you personalize and also organize your world around you. This is why picking out the perfect painting palette can be frustrating to some because they want to have the perfect expression of ones self image. Some people may prefer the taste of apples to oranges just as some may prefer to look at the color red than orange. This variance in color is the main reason for your neighbors ungodly looking drapes or neon blue shutters. With out the concept of color we, House Painters, would not exist. There wouldn't be a need for painting walls or anything for that matter.

The Color Wheel. Cool Picture huh?
The human eye can perceive over 7,000,000 colors. And out of all the possible colors to choose from Khaki should be your most trusted. You can trust the Khaki Pant Painting Co. for all your reliable painting tips and tricks on the net. Okay enough of the flattery. 

Color is light. This is the most basic way to describe color. Color is the visible band of wavelengths in the spectrum of electromagnetic radiation. We can not perceive the individual colors of this band with the naked eye unless we view them through a prism and "break apart" the wavelength into : reds, oranges, yellows, greens, and violets. And of those colors there are different hues, shades, and tints to further alter that color spectrum. There are more colors available to visually perceive than we have names for. This is why there are  unusual paint chip names because the English language has only abut 170,000 words. We just simply run out of words for color names and have to start making up phrases like "green mash" or or other odd phrases like that. 

So remember this next time when you are picking out house colors. Everyone's opinion of color is perceived in a different way. So don't stress out about what other people will think about the next color choice of your shutter or curtains. Color is an expression of your personality and should remain that way. And this is what happens when you feel free enough to express your individuality... 

We found this house while driving around one day. We love it. The color although bright and bold is balanced well and is borderline tasteful!


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