Sunday, December 11, 2011

Color Trends: Forecasting 2012 House Colors!

 Time to unveil the latest color pallet for the upcoming 2012 year!

2011's Hot new Color was  "Honey Suckle Pink". All of you probably rushed to the paint store forming lines waiting for the doors to open January 1st, 2011 to load up on this color. Yeah Right! In this colors defense it probably was a good color for most woman and there lies the problem. Most husbands probably wouldn't let there wives cover their homes in pink. A line in the sand was most likely drawn. Maybe 2012 will have hot trendy colors that are appealing to both sexes this year. And remember all the painting tips and tricks in the world will not help you if you pick the wrong color.  Lets take a look at some the hot new colors coming down the pipeline this year:

Pantone's 2012 Color Prediction: 

Tangerine Tango! 17-1463

Sherwin Williams 2012 Color Forecast:

There are a lot more colors forecasted from experts at SW. Visit this link for all 2012 SW Colors.

-Neutrals, Blues, Reds, and Greens- 
..some examples below...

Bosc Pear! SW6390

Undercool! SW6957

Fabulous Grape! SW6293

Really Teal! SW6489

Prat and Lambert Paints 2012 Color Forecast:
There are a lot more colors forecasted from experts at P&L. Visit this link for all 2012 P&L Colors.

"... linked to feelings we all recognize. These are the color expressions of who we are and how we live today-surrounded by technology and embracing spirituality, building firm foundations on remembered moments  expressing ourselves with primitive passion and ethereal delight."
-P&L "Trace" Trends 2012 Press Release

..some examples below...

Black Plum! P&L 31-18

Leaf Sprout! P&L 16-11

Orange Spice! P&L 8-16

Our Classic! P&L 4-13

Benjamin Moore 2012 Color Prediction:
Benjamin Moore is playing it safe this year with Blue. Blue is a timeless color. We recognize the color blue as being timeless because its in the sky and water. We are very used to seeing this color and it will always be in style. A safe move from Benjamin Moore we respect that and next year bring more to the table. 

Wythe Blue! BM HC-143

Khaki Pant Painting Co. 2012 Color Prediction:
Out of all the colors this year from various manufactures there is one color that can always be trusted to be professional, clean and crisp:

Relaxed Khaki! SW6149

More Color Resources and Links: 
Listed by most liked to disliked store/supplier based on past experiences(Notice that Kwal is on the Bottom below HD and Lowes)


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