Thursday, December 29, 2011

Defining Color: What Is Color?

You may not put much thought to color in your day to day life. But the way you perceive color is how you personalize and also organize your world around you. This is why picking out the perfect painting palette can be frustrating to some because they want to have the perfect expression of ones self image. Some people may prefer the taste of apples to oranges just as some may prefer to look at the color red than orange. This variance in color is the main reason for your neighbors ungodly looking drapes or neon blue shutters. With out the concept of color we, House Painters, would not exist. There wouldn't be a need for painting walls or anything for that matter.

The Color Wheel. Cool Picture huh?
The human eye can perceive over 7,000,000 colors. And out of all the possible colors to choose from Khaki should be your most trusted. You can trust the Khaki Pant Painting Co. for all your reliable painting tips and tricks on the net. Okay enough of the flattery. 

Color is light. This is the most basic way to describe color. Color is the visible band of wavelengths in the spectrum of electromagnetic radiation. We can not perceive the individual colors of this band with the naked eye unless we view them through a prism and "break apart" the wavelength into : reds, oranges, yellows, greens, and violets. And of those colors there are different hues, shades, and tints to further alter that color spectrum. There are more colors available to visually perceive than we have names for. This is why there are  unusual paint chip names because the English language has only abut 170,000 words. We just simply run out of words for color names and have to start making up phrases like "green mash" or or other odd phrases like that. 

So remember this next time when you are picking out house colors. Everyone's opinion of color is perceived in a different way. So don't stress out about what other people will think about the next color choice of your shutter or curtains. Color is an expression of your personality and should remain that way. And this is what happens when you feel free enough to express your individuality... 

We found this house while driving around one day. We love it. The color although bright and bold is balanced well and is borderline tasteful!

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Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Latex vs Oil Based Paints

Latex Paint

Latex is the most popular of all of the types of house paints and is significantly easier than oil based paints because it cleans up quicker and is easier to use for most home owners. Latex paint is not flammable, has far
less odor and smell than its counterparts, and the color retention of latex if far superior to latex paint. Latex paints are mostly composed of acrylic resins. Most latex paints are composed of 100 % acrylic resins.

The main difference between lower quality and higher quality latex paints are based on the binders. Low quality paints will contain 100% vinyl resins as a binding agent where as 100% acrylic resins are found in high quality latex paints. "Top Shelf" paint will have superior adhesion to wood, metal, brick, siding, concrete, aluminum and vinyl siding, drywall and a wide variety of surfaces. When is comes to the resistance of fading and cracking latex paints come out on top. 

 Oil Based Paints

Once the standard in house painting oil based paints, aka alkyd paints, rained supreme but have been replaced by their easier latex counterparts. Oil based paints did not stand a chance against the easier to clean, lower odor, easy water clean up feature. Home owners found it more convenient to use water, and more environmentally friendly, than using paint thinner for cleaning up rollers, pans, and brushes. Unlike Latex paint oil can not top coat latex where as latex can top coat oil. This makes it an ideal choose for most painting projects because the previous coat's chemical make up is not always known. One of the biggest drawbacks of oil based paints is that they will yellow as they age and loose the ability to retain there color.
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Sunday, December 25, 2011

Happy Holidays!

Happy Holidays from the Khaki Pant Painting Co. 

Thanks for a great year!

How says you can't paint in the snow?!

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Friday, December 23, 2011

All Articles

Here is a comprehensive list of all of the house painting articles and pages that have been composed on this site. Below find the most comprehensive list of all of the how to, guest post, tips, tricks and so on in one convenient page!

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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Taping Tools to Guarantee Painting Sucess!

If you want to successfully tape like a pro you gotta get pro taping tools.

Notice the Paper to Protect bench from oil over spray. 

Tools for taping success from left to right:
  1. 3M Hand Masker M3000 with 3M 12'' Film Blade loaded with 12'' masking paper and 3M 1'' Tape
  2. 3M Hand Masker Tape Applicator TA20 loaded with 3M 2'' Blue Tape. Perfect for covering outlets and switches. The razor cutter on the TA20 allows you to cut a perfect perpendicular cut. 
  3. Dust Brush. Any old brush will work. The bigger the better. We stopped using this size and started hauling around shop dusters in our back pockets. 
  4. 1.5'' Flexible Putty Knife. Hyde makes one of the best for this because of the supper sharp corners. 
  5. Folding Knife or Snap Knife. Don't ask why this is not a snap knife maybe that day needed a little extra bling or something. 
  6. 1.5'' 3M Masking Tape. When loaded into the TA20 this is the perfect combination of width and work ability to protect baseboards from roller splatter. 
Happy House Painting!

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Sunday, December 11, 2011

Color Trends: Forecasting 2012 House Colors!

 Time to unveil the latest color pallet for the upcoming 2012 year!

2011's Hot new Color was  "Honey Suckle Pink". All of you probably rushed to the paint store forming lines waiting for the doors to open January 1st, 2011 to load up on this color. Yeah Right! In this colors defense it probably was a good color for most woman and there lies the problem. Most husbands probably wouldn't let there wives cover their homes in pink. A line in the sand was most likely drawn. Maybe 2012 will have hot trendy colors that are appealing to both sexes this year. And remember all the painting tips and tricks in the world will not help you if you pick the wrong color.  Lets take a look at some the hot new colors coming down the pipeline this year:

Pantone's 2012 Color Prediction: 

Tangerine Tango! 17-1463

Sherwin Williams 2012 Color Forecast:

There are a lot more colors forecasted from experts at SW. Visit this link for all 2012 SW Colors.

-Neutrals, Blues, Reds, and Greens- 
..some examples below...

Bosc Pear! SW6390

Undercool! SW6957

Fabulous Grape! SW6293

Really Teal! SW6489

Prat and Lambert Paints 2012 Color Forecast:
There are a lot more colors forecasted from experts at P&L. Visit this link for all 2012 P&L Colors.

"... linked to feelings we all recognize. These are the color expressions of who we are and how we live today-surrounded by technology and embracing spirituality, building firm foundations on remembered moments  expressing ourselves with primitive passion and ethereal delight."
-P&L "Trace" Trends 2012 Press Release

..some examples below...

Black Plum! P&L 31-18

Leaf Sprout! P&L 16-11

Orange Spice! P&L 8-16

Our Classic! P&L 4-13

Benjamin Moore 2012 Color Prediction:
Benjamin Moore is playing it safe this year with Blue. Blue is a timeless color. We recognize the color blue as being timeless because its in the sky and water. We are very used to seeing this color and it will always be in style. A safe move from Benjamin Moore we respect that and next year bring more to the table. 

Wythe Blue! BM HC-143

Khaki Pant Painting Co. 2012 Color Prediction:
Out of all the colors this year from various manufactures there is one color that can always be trusted to be professional, clean and crisp:

Relaxed Khaki! SW6149

More Color Resources and Links: 
Listed by most liked to disliked store/supplier based on past experiences(Notice that Kwal is on the Bottom below HD and Lowes)
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Friday, December 9, 2011

Do Not Paint Like This!

This is the most frightening How To video that has ever been posted on you tube.

The information in this video is completely incorrect, wrong, and just plain dangerous. This video is a prime example of what can happen if you hire the wrong or under qualified contractor. If you listen to and act on anything this person is telling you are in for some seriously huge problems down the road. We are hoping that this video is possible a gag or a joke and if it is the author needs to state that?  And please read the comments below this video.

             -THIS IS NOT OUR WORK-

There are a number of issues with this video:
  1. No Mask or Respirator! Why would you ever spay any type of material into the air with out protecting your lungs? Your body will absorb the chemicals in paint through your lungs. 
  2. The cabinets, lights, vents, carpet, everything is exposed and could be damaged irreversibly by paint over spray. 
  3. This video is a great example of the proper method of "tiger stripping" your walls. This "painter" (painter is in quotes because there is no evidence of the skill necessary for that label) is not overlapping his spray correctly and also may have a blown tip.  
  4. Do not ever paint your outlets. This is a huge fire hazard!!!
  5. Do not cut out your carpet if you drip, splatter or in this case spray your carpet.
This guy, who does this for a living, needs to take this video down. Please do not believe everything on the internet. 

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Saturday, December 3, 2011

Sherwin Williams 30% OFF Discount!

Sweet Deal! Now you can buy some of the best paint on the market at one of the best deals from Sherwin Williams This Holiday Season. The coupon is valid though 12/31/2011 so there is plenty of time left to reap the benefits. To find the coupon simply click the image below:

Happy Painting!
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