Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Titan TR2 Airless Tip Review

If you don't own a Titan TR2 tip then you might be costing yourself money!

The TR2 tips offer the best flexibility of any spray tip on the market. Simply twist it 90 degrees and you get a narrow tip and turn it the other direction back to wide. Painless and quick. Tip one is the wide fan pattern
for covering large surfaces, at the highest production rate and saving you time. Tip two is a narrow fan pattern for precision painting and is ideal for trim. The rule of thumb with these tips is that the narrow tip is approximately 1/3 the size of the wide tip. Click here for the Titan TR2 size chart.
Wide on Top. Narrow on Bottom.

There are probably many painters out there that can't constitute the overall cost of the tip. This tip costs around $34. An off brand spray tip costs approximately $18. Its not a significant price difference until you start to consume spray tips. We generally use a spray tip for only two jobs. We do this for two reasons. A newer spray tip atomizes better and its really hard to tell if your tip is starting to "blow" out. Since a tip wears out throughout the job its difficult to gauge when the tip is actually worn while your using it since the change happens slowly. A blown tip can cost you money by applying too much material. Worn tips can put out 40% more paint and cost you hundreds of dollars! Graco and Titan brand Tips generally last anywhere from 15-110 gallons depending on the abrasiveness of the material being sprayed. Cheaper paints will have more grit.
Titan TR2 517/213


  1. You will save material. 
    • We have found that we actually save material. About 10%. If you spray ten gallons of paint this  tip could pay for itself in one job. We have noticed a material savings and feel that this is because in tighter areas we can use the narrow fan with very little over spray and wasted material.
  2. You will save time. 
    • You will not have to climb down the ladder to change out your tip. Sure you could carry two tips around but its not time efficient to swap them. Not to mention messy to carry a tip in your pocket.

  1. Could be cost prohibitive to some painters. 
    • There really is only one con to this tip but gotta come up with two to keep it fair. 
  2. Harder to dial in the pressure. 
    • Eliminating "tails" takes a little more time to adjust the tip. You can dial in the narrow tip but then have tails on the wide. And vise versa. You really want to take extra time to dial in this tip because if you have too much pressure on the narrow tip you will blow it out and will just have one tip defeating the purpose all together. 
Is it worth it?
Absolutely! Without a doubt. The advantages of this tip far out weigh any extra cost over a single spray tip. In fact all other tips we had are now in storage. With the current sizes available its easy to replace almost all other tips you may have in your arsenal.

Wanna get one?
These tips are the best on the market. They are also the hardest spray tip to find. Of all the sites on the net Amazon seems to have the best selection and consistently has them in stock and sometimes you can get supper saver shipping also. Its been taking way too long here in Colorado for the stores to get them so we just order them from the net. 
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