Monday, October 17, 2011

Rust-Oleum Cabinet Transformations: Cost Comparison

Is the do It your self cabinetrefinishing system from Rust-Oleum worth the price?

This is a really good question. Whenwas the last time you were walking through the aisles of your big boxhardware store and thought, “Why don't they sell a hundred dollarkit for refinishing my
cabinets?”. Okay so most shoppers don'tthink that exactly. But its understandable why the Rust-Oleum cameout with this product. It looks easy, its all in one box, and ittakes out all the thinking. To the avid DIYer this is the holy grailof cabinet painting. So the product sounds like its a winner but isit really worth the price? Why don't I just buy a gallon of cheappaint?

Here is a quick inventory of all theitems in the box:
  1. Deglosser
  2. Scrub Pad
  3. Bond Coat
  4. Decorative Glaze
  5. Glazing Cloth
  6. Protective Top Coat
  7. Stir Sticks
  8. Step by Step Pamphlet
  9. Instructional DVD

Theres a lot of stuff in the box. Oneway to see if this is worth the money is to find comparative productsthat perform similar functions.

Rust-Oleum Part
Rust Cost
Comparable Cost
Comparable Product
Krud Kutter
Scrub Pad
Scotch Brite Pad
Bond Coat(2 qt)
Gloss Paint Qt.(2 qt)
Decorative Glaze (pt.
Gloss Paint (Qt.)
Glazing Cloth
Painters Rags
Protective Top Coat
Water Based Urethane
Stir Sticks
Stir Sticks

Hugh...?? Well um it looks like buyingthe products individually is definitely cheaper. But the informationin the pamphlet and the DVD have to make up the cost. One thing tonote about buying the products individually instead of the kit isthat you can purchase more paint if you run short on your project orif you picked the wrong color.

So which way would we go? Its hard tosay. For the DIYer its probably better to get the kit. But for thepro painter it doesn't make sense to purchase the kit. Rather itmakes sense to buy all parts individually and use them on multipleprojects.


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