Sunday, October 23, 2011

4'' Paint Rollers: Home Built

Why would anyone make their own 4'' roller covers from full size rollers at home when you could just buy them at the store?

Whoa.. Is that a 4'' Purdy White Dove?!

There are a number of reasons why one would want to do this. Here are some advantages:
  1. You can control the quality of the cover you choose. Of all the stores out there no body caries a vast selection of covers. You are generally limited to one kind of cover and about two kinds of nap thickneses.
  2. A 4 inch roller with an approx inside diameter can fit onto a brush and roller spinner. This means that you can go green, clean, and reuse the 4'' rollercover. "Weeinie" rollers have the bearings built into the inside of the roller and can not be cleaned out and reused.
  3. A 4 '' Roller can carry and deliver about 400% more paint load compared to a "weenie roller". This can increase the productivity.
  4. There really isnt a limit to the varity of rollers when you make your own. Some examples would be: 4'' Purdy Colosus, 4'' Purdy Dove, 4'' Sheep Hair, and in and nap thickness. Even the "weenie" rollers have limited selections available.
The process of making them is really simple. Here is a simple Photographic Step By Step Instruction:


  1. This is a very nice and also quite an interesting article on eco-friendly paints...

  2. That was good and nice one. So I can just cut off to half my old paint rollers just to use it for tinier spaces. Thanks for sharing that!

  3. This is the eco-friendly as well as a creative way. Liked this idea very much, requirement is less but gives a good product.

  4. Such a useful and eco friendly tips you have shared here. Thanks for sharing it to us.

  5. Where do I get a template or outline and wall decor painting stuff for mickey mouse nursery?

  6. Disney wall art and templates is hard to find. Disney owns rights to the characters also so the trademarking on the image makes it crazy expensive if you can find an image that you like.

    An Epson projector is a much better way to achieve wall art. They are expensive but you can rent them from party stores just don't get paint on it cause they seem to get ticked off about that kind of stuff. Projectors easily hook up to a laptop allowing you full control over the image through a lap top.

    Most photo imaging software, even the cheap ones, allow you to change the image to black and white. By increasing the intensity black you can easily trace the image onto a flat surface. Change the original image back to color and project it along side of the outline. This makes a great template to follow to get the original colors correct.

    Hope this helps.

    -Khaki Pant Painter

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