Saturday, August 13, 2011

News Flash: Home Depot Paints Now Delivered To Front Door!

Behr Paint Available Online and Delivered to the Front Door!

There are many retailers that offer paint online and Home Depot is not the first to explore this side of the industry.

"Yes! Finally the entire paint order at the Home Depot will be delivered to my front door." Well... not exactly. It looks like all paints are not included in the program. The link found in our email took us here. Ordering the paint seems to be a little clunky because all 386 colors have different model numbers online. If you are looking for "Blues" then you click on that color family and make your selection from there.

Buyer Beware! The color output on most monitors is not going to be the exact color you receive in the mail. So the solution to this is to go to the store and pick out your colors from their chip selection then
go back home and order it. But wait... how is this going to improve the process? Most Pro Painters have the Behr fan decks so they don't need to go in. The reality of it is that the customer is the one picking the colors so that doesn't help much.

Benefits for the Pros:

  1. No more having to enter a Home Depot store. Its a neat place to walk around on the weekends but ordering at the paint counter takes forever!
  2. Have the paint delivered to the customers home before the project begins. That's an interesting idea... awesome customer service. 
  3. No more risk of shopping carts gauging the side of vehicles. Bonus!
  4. Saves gas. No more need to drive around picking up supplies from Home Depot. 
Stores like Sherwin Williams, Diamond Vogel, and Max Paint and Hardware will deliver paint to the job site as long as you have commercial accounts registered. This kind of service is nothing new and expected by all pros. As Home Depot continues to try to promote their "Pro Paint Program" they are attempting to offer the same services in a much more clunky fashion. Paint and paint supplies can be job site delivered but you have to purchase $2500 dollars or more in one order. Even the best paints applied three coats thick wont approach this dollar amount. 

This is an interesting move and definitely worth following. 


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