Saturday, July 9, 2011

5 in 1 Painter Tool: Cleaning Roller Covers

A 5-in-1 or "painters tool" should always be close at hand... and here's why...

It may seem simple to us painters. However
lots of home owners have never seen this. 

This is a simple video demonstrating one of the many uses for this nifty five in one tool. By scraping the paint out of a roller cover you can clean the cover easier (and yes you should reuse your roller covers so clean em up ) and also putting the remainder of the paint back in the bucket gives the customer a small amount for touch ups. They will appreciate this the next time they want to paint over a nail hole. 

The roller cover being scraped is the Purdy Colossus 1/2'' nap. There wasn't enough paint in the roller to make another pass on the wall but looks can be deceiving. As you can see from the video there is a ton of paint left in the cover. 

We were playing around one day and filled up a 24 ounce drink cup after scraping out a 1.5'' nap 18'' long lambswool cover. But this is a bit of an unfair assessment since the cover was loaded up with paint and then scraped clean. Nonetheless its still a testament to the amount of paint left inside of a cover when cleaning up. 


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