Thursday, June 23, 2011

Interior and Exterior Painting Gallery

You can view the Khaki Pant Painting gallery video here.

This video is a compilation of some of our work. This was the first attempt at making a movie with our new video editing software. Although this video looks pretty simple there was a learning curve that took a while to produce this. 

The above link will take you to our you tube account. We plan on adding more videos shortly so stay tuned to our site ...

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Monday, June 20, 2011

How to: Prep to Paint a Ceiling with 3m Film

3m Film going right over curtains!
Painting ceilings in a home or office is easier with 3m film.

By  adhering the plastic to the wall/ceiling joint and draping it over wall out lets, switches, doors, casing and baseboard you can quickly and easily paint a ceiling with an airless sprayer or your favorite roller cover. As a rule once carpet is in the home we only spray ceilings and never spray walls. The risk getting paint onto carpet is too great. The amount of labor needed to tape off the carpet and all other flooring and baseboards far outweighs the benefit.

Once the plastic is hung from the ceilings the floors are very easily protected by leak proof drop cloths. The fine over spray that falls from the ceiling is absorbed into the canvas drops. You could use plastic to protect the floor as a cheaper alternative but the paint over spray creates a sticky situation and makes its really hard to walk around while spraying the ceiling. Canvas also has more weight and less risk of being blown away by the airless sprayer. 

Here is a little secret.  When you need to prime popcorn ceilings use an oil base paint. If you use latex they will just reactivate the drywall mud and it will come down in sheets. Most newbie painters figure this out the first time they are hired to paint an acoustic ceiling... having to tell a home owner that you just ruined their ceiling must be difficult.
$62.99 and cost of tape and platic.

3m Masking Films are the bomb digity. We use them over the traditional tape and heavy plastic method. That sentence points out the flaw with heavy plastic its heavy. When you spray a ceiling with latex paint the chemicals in the paint cause the glue to "loosen" and the heavy plastic pulls all of your hard prep work down.

The 3m hand masker is an expensive item. The Paint Store has it for $62.89. That's a hefty price tag for most. But never fear there is always an alternative right. You can buy rolls of pre-masked plastic.

Under $10
The blue stuff from 3m is overrated and overpriced too. We load our machines with 2020 1'' masking tape. The blue stuff is kinda costly and a little less tacky that 2020. You cant find blue 2020 on the pre-taped rolls but the blue will suffice.

So next time you spray a ceiling choose the clingy static plastic and save yourself the headache of taping up plastic after if falls of the wall.
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Friday, June 17, 2011

Frightening Professional Painting Quotes

Here are some Frightening house painting tips, tricks and other news that we compiled from other do it yourself sites, other painters and home improvement stores. This list is going to continue to grow as we find more. These hints are the kind of stuff that makes us pull the covers over our eyes so the boogeyman wont get us:

"I suggested this to my professional painter. We tried it and IT WORKED! We didn't have a paint spinner but didn't need one. Also we couldn't clean the brushes and rollers right away so we just let them soak over night. They still came out great. He couldn't beleive how soft the bristles were!"

Oh my god! If your painter doesn't have a spinner you should fire him. And why would the home owner be helping a Pro Painter?

"If you’ve waited several days to clean a brush, try soaking it in warm, soapy water for about 30 minutes before beginning the cleaning process covered in this project. You can also check a paint or home improvement store for products specifically designed to clean dry, hard brushes."

Um... Throw the thing away. The sentence at the end is priceless. When in doubt run to the store to buy something to help.

Dip a 2½-inch angled brush into a bucket of paint, loading the paint only a third of the way up the bristles. Tap off—don't wipe—the excess on the side of the bucket. Use the brush to cut in a 2 to 3-inch band of paint at all corners, against the ceiling, and next to molding; this will give the roller some breathing room so it doesn't bump against adjacent areas.

Don't get me wrong on this one but... a 2.5'' brush is gonna take for ever to cut in a ceiling or anything else. Use the absolute biggest brush you can! Start with a 4'' oval or wall brush. When more detail intricate painting is needed then go to a smaller brush. 
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Saturday, June 11, 2011

Foampro 60 Rigidgrid 1-GAL Paint Can Grid. Easy Rolling!

Here is a great way to roll a smaller quantity of paint directly out of your gallon container. And they cost a dollar!

Foampro 60 Rigidgrid 1-GAL Paint Can Grid

Here is the exact description taken from Google Products:
"Bucket grids fits gals. = For stirring and mixing paint. Eliminates messy pouring of paint. Apply paint directly from a 1gallon can with rollers up to 4 inch wide. Snaps under paint can lip for storage and to make room for large diameter rollers. No paint tray needed. 4 inch x 10 inch x 1/4 inch ."

Here is the "cooler" Kahki description:
This is so simple its stupid. Whether its called a bucket grid or paint grid it doesn't matter. Just pop it in the gallon container and snap it under the lid of the can. You could put it in either way but we find the "handle up" method to be the most secure. Start rolling to your hearts content while you watch others screw around with other buckets, trays and gimmicks.

You have seen these on the shelves of your paint stores and wondered, "What is that?" You don't want to ask the help at the counter... you're a professional painter you should know this! Right? Well there is nothing more than a bar code on the product, no lengthy instructions, and it looks weird. The best part about these grids cost around a dollar.

The roller buckets from Wooster, Sherline, or Handypail are costly. Most liners for those gimmick cut pots are costly too and end up filling the landfills with more trash.

You already own the container that the paint came in. Why put the paint into another container that is going to need cleaning? When done with the grid take it out of the can and give it a quick wash. Go green and save the planet. Quit throwing away tray liners that just fill up the landfills.

Google Products link:  Foampro 60 Rigidgrid 1-GAL Paint Can Grid

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Sunday, June 5, 2011

Max Paint and Hardware

We have to give a shout out to the guys at Max Paint and Hardware in Aurora, CO because these guys know there stuff. We were in Aurora helping a friend paint her condo and were so grateful to run into these guys on a weekend. A professional paint store that is open on the weekends is incredibly rare. They even let us rent a sprayer! (FYI When driving an hour and a half to paint try not to forget these simple tools)

From memory these are some of the things that they stock:

  1. Wooster brand brushes... that alone speaks miles of their overall product mix and quality.
  2. Hunter Douglas Window Treatments
  3. Prat and Lambert Paint
  4. Titan Sprayers and Accessories

Here is additional information form their website:


Max Paint & Hardware

1350 South Ironton St.

Aurora, CO 80012

(720) 248-0471

Hours of Operation
Monday8:00AM - 6:00PM MST
Tuesday8:00AM - 6:00PM MST
Wednesday8:00AM - 6:00PM MST
Thursday8:00AM - 6:00PM MST
Friday8:00AM - 6:00PM MST
Saturday8:00AM - 5:00PM MST
Sunday11:00AM - 4:00PM MS

What We Do
When you are searching for customized window covering products to add comfort and beauty to your home, look to the friendly staff at Max Paint & Hardware. We offer an assortment of curtains, shades and blinds. All of which are available in a variety of styles that will fit individual clients’ tastes and budgets. We similarly offer a selection of window treatments, valances and drapes. We are a full-service organization with complete customization capabilities. We are proud to offer customers products from industry leading product brands including Hunter Douglas.

Contact Max Paint & Hardware today at (720) 248-0471 for window covering products and service you can trust!

Max Paint & Hardware has over 25 years of custom window covering and fabrication experience to offer the greater Aurora area. From attractive curtains to beautiful shades, you will be satisfied by our full service and product line. We are a local business with a dedication to integrity. Contact Max Paint & Hardware today at
(720) 248-0471 to learn more about us!
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Kwal Paint Groupon Get 50% OFF!


Here is a pretty sweet coupon  found for all you Kwal Paint Fans out there! Only have until June 6, 2011 to purchase this but the actual coupon expires December 7, 2011. Personally we avoid Kwal like it was the plague but if you would like to get in on this sweet deal here is the link:  KWAL GROUPON
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