Thursday, March 10, 2011

How to Paint a 6 Panel Steel Door

The goal of this article is to explain the process and the reasoning behind the method of paining a six panel steel door.

Painting a six panel door is as easy as paint by number. The photo on the left give the order of each panel to be painted. When painting these types of doors we use large 3.5 inch wall brushes to deliver a greater amount of paint in less time. One one properly loaded brush one should be able to paint both number each number. When viewing the image each number should be treated as an individual step. i.e. there are six number "1" sections to paint,  six number "2" sections, and so on.

When painting a six panel door by hand start will all the 1's, then 2's, then 3's and so on. Although it seems odd to paint it like this there is sound reasoning.


Here is a picture of a six panel wood door on the left. I have put arrows over the panels of the door to show the direction of the wood grain. A wooden six panel door is actually constructed of fifteen individual pieces. When we paint a door by hand we leave unavoidable brush marks on the surface. These brush marks are less visible when they are in the direction of each individual panel of the door.


  1. It looks great!! I want to paint my door pink.I hope it looks good.

  2. I think the easiest way to paint a door is to start by removing it, then removing all the hardware and lay it horizontally on saw horses. This will eliminate potential drips. But, I’ve painted plenty of doors without removing them.

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