Saturday, January 15, 2011

Sherwin Williams Harmony Paint

Interior Eggshell Latex
Lifetime Warranty!

  • Withstands frequent washings and resists mildew on the paint film with anti-microbial properties
  • Formulated without silica or VOCs – meeting stringent regulatory requirements
  • Available in a primer and topcoat with flat, eg-Shell and semi-gloss sheens
  • Ideal for residential, commercial and institutional spaces
Although you pay more for "green" products I like the idea of a paint that does not have any Volitile Organic Compounds, or VOCs. VOCs refer to the amount of off gassed chemicals that could adversely affect human health. Although the effects of breathing in VOCs is not an immediate threat it could be toxic over a significant amount of time. The best place to use VOC free paints could be any occupied spaces, a retirement homes,  a baby nursery, or any other area where health could be an issue.
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