Thursday, January 6, 2011

Sherwin Williams Duration Home Review


Duration Home™ Interior Latex SemiGloss provides:
• Long lasting beauty
• Washability
• Resistant to:
- stains, scuffs, & burnishing
• Very low VOC
• Very low odor
• Very easy application
• Anti-Microbial

Sounds good right! Sounds like it is the end all be all of paint. It's considered to be a top shelf paint. It's expensive at well over $45 a gallon so you would expect it to apply itself. It's in a really cool can with a twist top lid and a handle for easier use. It even has a shiny label.

Here is the reality. There is absolutely no need for a lifetime warranty on interior paint. Based on color trends and consumer preference changing constantly the typical home owner will change the color of their walls every ten years. Even if this paint is bullet proof it is likely to be covered up by an inferior product at some point in its life.

This product was incredible challenging to keep a wet edge while using this paint. So expect this paint to flash. We are currently still playing around with application methods to keep it from flashing. We even went as far as reducing the temperature in the room to keep the paint from forming a film too quickly. When using the paint it feels gritty and thats even after straining the paint with a nylon strainer.

Overall Duration paint is not as impressive as the marketing behind it. We have tested this product on multiple occations to try to elimante lot differences and yet come up with the same conclusion. Duration may be a durable paint but the effort to apply it outweighs the advantage of durability.
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