Friday, January 21, 2011

Minwax Express Color Wiping Stain

"Sure , lets try Minwax Express Color out on some oak drawer fronts. What could go wrong..."




Set Up Used:

The Final Verdict... Never Again!!  No need to even write a product review about this product. Why even waste the time. Difficult to apply, gooey, sticky, wipe on? are you kidding!? The directions on the back say that you may need a prestain conditioner and a coat of polyurethane... thought it was one step?? Dries so fast you cant spread it?? Awful! Why does Minwax say "one effortless step" when it took me an agonizing hour and a half to get a uniform coat on 6 drawer fronts??


  1. Hey Dug -

    I've been using Express Color for a couple of months now and haven't experienced any problems. I saw your "before" photos of your oak drawer fronts and am wondering if they were bare wood. They look like they already have a stain or finish on them. That would have made it impossible for the Express Color to penetrate into the pores. Let me know, okay? - Bruce Johnson

  2. Bruce,

    Thank you for your comment. Happy to hear you are having success with this product. We on the other hand do not have enough confidence to use this in a customers home. The product was applied to bare wood. The directions were followed to a "T" and are described below:


    1. Shake the tube.
    2. Squeeze the tube gently, and apply to the wood with a soft, clean cloth.
    3. Remove excess by wiping lightly, in the direction of the wood grain, with a clean cloth.
    For a deeper color and sheen, wait one hour then apply a second coat.
    4. Wait overnight before subjecting the wood to normal use.

    Doug "Dug" Scott

  3. UGH...maybe I won't even use mine...You have scared me! The Minwax Wood Sheen stuff I used didn't dry QUITE that fast, but it really wasn't fun either. The wipe on is a joke, I quickly switched to paintbrush. And it totally needs a coat of poly-even though the bottle says 1-step. Stick with the regular old Minwax is what i say- I love it and it is easy and works!

  4. I used Minwax Express Color on two pieces of furniture, a jewelry cabinet and a 7 drawer desk....both had other finishes. I sanded them lightly, cleaned off dust and squirted a small amount of the color into a small bowl to use. Painted on with paintbrush. Let dry over night; then applied another coat of a second color for a two tone and deeper color. Was so very easy to use, no mess at all on drip cloth and brush cleaned up with water. So very easy! My not use rag!

  5. I'm testing this product on my cabinets. They already have a finish so I cleaned and lightly sanded. I did 3 costs of mahogany over golden oak and they are beautiful. so easy and not a lot of mess. Of course I'm just testing on a drawer front and that's a long way from the entire kitchen. But I see this as my solution to get rid of my ugly oak cabinets.

  6. So I think the gist of it is:

    1) It's not one step, but if the average consumer researches a little about the steps involved in preparing wood (you must sand, clean, condition, stain, finish), you'll be able to figure out that this only condenses two steps into one.

    2) You have to make sure not to skip steps 1 (sand), 2 (clean), and 3 (condition). Logically it would make the stain easier to apply and allow it to adhere better with the first three steps included.

    3) Use a brush for easier application. Rags are messy and don't really cut it.

    Maybe try out that process to see if it helps?

    Good luck!

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