Saturday, January 1, 2011

Into the Bucket

If this tool bucket could talk. Here is a list of tools that are in this picture:
2 five gallon buckets
Bucket Boss 35
Roll of 1.5" SW Premium Tape
Wooster Brush Comb
Warner Nylon Stripper Brush
6 in 1 Husky Screw Driver
Spring Nail Set
Sharpie Marker Extra Fine
Sharpie Marker Fine Point
Pens and Pencils
Dry Dex Spackling w/ Dry Time Indicator
Four Rags
Two Pail Hooks
Two Dust Brushes (large and small)
3M 180 Fine Sanding Block
Graco Spray Tip
Ten Straight Edge Razor Blades
Snap Knife
Two Mixing Cups
Empty Quart Can (For Spray Tips)
One Half of A Large Sponge
Sloted and Philips screw driver
10" and 12" Cresent Wrench
1.5" Putty Knife
5 in 1 Husky Painters Tool
Brush Spinner
Two one Gallon Paint Can Grids
Artist Brushes of Various Sizes
Wooster Sherlock 2-4' Extension Pole
Purdy 9" Roller Cage
SW 4" Roller Cage
Purdy 1/2" and 3/4" Nap 9" Colossus Roller Covers
SW 4" Nap Poly Roller Cover
1.5" Purdy Angle Clear Cut
2.5" Benjamin Moore Angle Sash 651-25
3" Proform Angle "Stiff" C3.0AVS
3.5" Proform Wall Brush "Stiff" CM3.5VS
3.5" Proform Wall Brush Contractor C3.5VS
Dripless CH200 Chaulking Gun
Tube of SW 950 Chaulking
3M Taping Machine
Spare Glasses

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