Sunday, December 26, 2010

Wooster 3'' Pro Series Wall Brush

Wooster 3" Pro Series Wall Brush
-Beaver tail handle
-100% Poly
-7/8 thick
-Good balance and comfortable
-Best used on smooth non textured surfaces

100% Poly Bristles not a good idea for most latex paint. Too wimpy! No spine to this brush.

This brush just doesn't have the proper stiffness for Northern Colorado painting. The reason for this is because we are addicted to using the most obnoxious of the textures: heavy knock down texture. We currently feel that its too soft a feel to get into all the creators of texture even by employing three passes. There are other brushes out there like the "Stiffys" from ProForm Technologies that are much better suited for the task at hand.

On a smooth untextured wall we were able to cut a seven foot peice of door casing in about ten seconds.  The speed of this brush in that situation gives us goose bumps. One could only start to imagine the production times capable with this brush. Painting smooth walls all day would be a dream with a Wooster brush like this. One huge advantage the Wooster brand has over Proform Technology brushes is its squared off corners. This makes the brush much more capable of "stabbing" into a three way corner.

Why all brushes don't have square corners escapes us. A brush needs a sharp point to enter the corner of casing, ceilings, and other molding but it seems that most manufactures have forgotten about starting a paint line and focused on only how to keep going with it. One could only dream that Wooster, Purdy, and Proform Technologies would collaborate to make the worlds greatest brush ever... fingers crossed everyone.

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Heavy Knockdown Texture: One small step for man...

You are not looking at the surface of the moon. This is the texture (known as knockdown) in most of our newer homes.

What happened to smooth walls, orange peel, or even splatter? Applying coatings over these moon craters presents a problem that the painting community seems to ignore. It is ignored because most of the knockdown texture seems to be applied in California and along the mountain range. When you are gathering advice on the internet most sites, videos, and blogs will pass right over this topic. Painting can be a challenging task for most DIY... trying to paint over heavy knockdown texture can make it a nightmare.

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Saturday, December 25, 2010

Work Platforms

The only thing better than one work platform is two work platforms!! I love using work platforms. Most ceilings are around an eight foot height and most walls are roughly twelve feet long. It doesnt make sense to climb up and down a six foot ladder all day when you only needed an additional fifteen inches to reach the ceiling. Platforms are also half the weight of a six foot ladder. Save time by investing in one of these... save even more time by setting up two beside each other.

I use the Warner Workplatforms visit this link for more details:
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